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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can you tell me about of Troop 442?

The troop is chartered by Christ United Methodist Church, est. February 1, 2019.  We are linked by committee to Scouts BSA Boy Troop 441 . We have 14 registered girls and  The troop and its leaders believe strongly in the character building that comes from following the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Parents play a key role in the success of Scouting – you help motivate your Scout – your excitement and involvement will rub off on them.  

What sort of activities does Troop 442 participate?

Troop 442 has a diverse program. We schedule monthly activities with as many varied locations and experiences as possible. Each month our youth leaders (Patrol Leaders Council, or PLC) meets with our adult leaders to plan interesting and fun activities including: Monthly Campouts, Summer Camp, Winter Camp, High Adventure Camp. During these campouts we plan the following types of activities: hiking, swimming, canoeing, backpacking, rock climbing, shooting, cycling, fishing (and we’re always looking for new experiences).

When/Where does Troop 442 meet?

The troop has weekly Monday night meetings. Meetings are held from 7-8:20 pm at Christ Church Sugar Land in the Family Life Center room 302.  Scouts are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. One Monday per month (usually the meeting following the monthly campout) is known as the PLC (Patrol Leader’s Conference) and only the elected scout leaders attend this meeting. Troop 442 will not meet most holidays or during final exam-weeks.

How much does it cost to join Troop 442?

We try hard to keep the cost of Scouting reasonable. The annual registration fee is $145 per Scout (includes Registration, Boys Life magazine and Insurance). New scouts joining Troop 442 will also receive the following as part of their first year’s registration fee: 1) Troop 442 Class-B T-shirt 2) Troop 442 Hat 3) Troop 442 Neckerchief 4) Troop 442 patch for uniform, and 5) Patrol Emblem.  Some of these have yet to be designed.

There are a few additional things that Scouts need right away to begin the Scouting trail. First (and most important to get immediately) a Scout Handbook. Second, is the Scout Class “A” field uniform (a Scout shirt). The friendly folks at the Stafford Scout Shop (located very close at 12300 Parc Crest Dr #130, Stafford, TX 7747,  Phone (281) 207-2340) can help you with any questions regarding what you need to purchase for your 1st-year scout (patches etc.). Uniforms should be purchased as soon as possible, because they are worn to every troop meeting, activity and are REQUIRED when traveling on troop activities. 

Adult annual registration fee is $35 (shirt, patch, etc. can be purchased separately)

Will I need to spend a lot of money on camping/outdoor equipment for my son to camp?

NO! In fact, you probably already have everything you need to go camping with the troop. The majority of the gear is provided by the troop (tents, stoves, kitchen cookware, dutch ovens, etc.). The only ‘special’ equipment that you may not already have at home is a sleeping bag. Everything else you likely own already (flashlight, fork/spoon/plate, water bottle, etc.). Typically, each camp-out has a $25 fee which includes food and transportation.  Some campouts have additional fees for specific activities.

Who runs the troop and makes all the decisions?

The Scouts! Troop 442 is a scout-led-troop. A major goal of Scouting is to develop leadership skills in our youth, so we ask our Scouts to lead the troop as much as possible. That includes work planning and preparing for campouts and weekly meetings. As Scouts learn and grow, their knowledge and responsibilities increase. Developing self-confidence, self-reliance and leadership are key goals of the Scouting program. 

Youth leaders are elected by their peers to help run the troop. The highest youth leader is the Senior Patrol Leader, or SPL. The SPL runs all troop activities.  The SPL receives help and guidance from the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM’s) following a plan decided at monthly PLC meetings (which are also Scout-led).

Is there any Adult Leadership?

Of course! Our Troop Committee of parents oversees all activities and is the ultimate authority concerning troop operations. Parent involvement in the committee is very important. The committee helps with record keeping, advancement, including Board of Reviews, fundraising, and long-range planning. Committee Members work with the Scoutmaster and other troop leaders to ensure an interesting, successful and safe troop. 

The Scoutmaster is responsible for scouting ‘program’ or day-to-day troop operations, and is ultimately in charge of all meetings and activities. The Scoutmaster answers to the Troop Committee. There is no limit to the number of Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM’s) the troop can have. ASM’s work with the Scoutmaster and the youth leaders to carry out meeting plans and activities.

What is a patrol and will my scout be able to be with her friends?

A patrol is similar to a Cub den. All the Scouts will work, play, and plan together…they WILL be with their friends, but, that does not guarantee friends will be in the same patrol as their cub pack. Our troop is organized into patrols of six to ten scouts. High school aged Scouts are in their own patrol and are NOT integrated into patrols with the younger scouts.

Each patrol has an elected Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader and Quartermaster. The Patrol Leaders have a key role in helping the Senior Patrol Leader and adult leaders accomplish the goals of the troop. This working together is called the “Patrol Method” and is a cornerstone of successful scouting. Elections for these positions are held at a troop meeting twice a year and are a great way for younger Scouts to begin their leadership journey. 

How quickly will my scout be able to advance and earn Merit Badges?

Bring your Scout Handbook to every meeting and activity. New Scouts will be helped along the Trail to First Class by a specially designated ASM. Troop 442’s goal is to give each Scout the opportunity to earn First Class (the fourth ‘rank’ on the trail to Eagle) during their first year of scouting. Scouts who regularly attend meetings and monthly campouts will advance through the ranks more quickly. Advancing quickly is not mandatory but it definitely makes the scouting experience more enjoyable for the Scouts when they are recognized for their hard work through rank advancement. Bring your Scout Handbook to every meeting and activity.

Do mom and dad have to pitch in and help?

Yes! Sometimes that means just making sure your daughter makes it to the meeting on time. But when you are ready to get even more involved, we are ready for you. We have a variety of areas in which we need and would appreciate parent participation. We encourage parents to consider a role in which they can best use their talents and skills. We have found that, in most cases, the Scouts who have parents who take an active role in the Troop’s leadership are the Scouts who make a strong commitment to and get the most of their Scouting experience.

For additional information contact

Scoutmaster, Raymundo Cortes 713-703-2313 ( or Commitee Chairman, Abraham Kurien 832-623-2330 (

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